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Africa Again

I often do illustrations for books that are destined for Africa.  I try really hard to get as many details correct as I can.  These are books that kids are learning to read from and pictures help you understand the words so therefore it must look at least a bit like what you are used to.

So I travel to Africa via books and google images.  If it is a book destined for Botswana or Uganda or wherever that is what I look for because all of these countries are in Africa but they are all very different.  What I would really like is to go there to see for myself, and to take a bunch of books, that would be good!


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Summertime With Monty

Here is a little taste of summer.
Am totally fed up today with a plague of stupid spam/obscene comments on my blogs, it has been going on for a while but has gained momentum.  I dont know why people do it, it seems like such a waste of time.  Anyway here is a happy summer picture of my friend the Rev. Monty Pymme.  He is the one with the sunburn and a red jumper in his bag.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

In The Beginning

Sometimes an illustrator is asked to produce a sample illustration for a project, its all exciting and off you go splashing your colours around, then, after a lot of effort...nothing happens.  This is one such illustration for a well known story, it would have been fun.  The first double page spread was to be a big void, nothing, not even space! But, alas I didnt get to do that, I did spend a long time thinking about what colour nothing should be!


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Bright Babies

Some bright babies, cards that I designed using a collage made from papers that I had painted.  The babies were added later, seperate little drawings cut out and stuck on. (I think!)  This was done a long time before the age of computers and scanners, layers and masking, in the age of scissors, tracing paper and glue!

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I amsketchcrawling tomorrow, leaving my house at three, join me if you want to, I will be amazed but happy!


I am sketchcrawling tomorrow, leaving my house at three in the afternoon and walking down to Dennis Head to draw, if you are in the area and want to join me you can, I will be suprised but happy!

Bishop and Wolf and Big Ted

Bishop and Wolf is a pub on the Isles of Scilly.  This is a painting/illustration done for an exhibition of "pub signs" quite some time ago at a gallery called The Portal Gallery where, once upon a time, I used to exhibit.
The other painting is "Big Ted" which is a wonderful song byThe Incredible String Band, listen to it here.
They were one of my biggest infulences when I was a young artist and this is an illustration for the song.  Illustrators have to learn their trade like anyone else so literally drawing upon your favorite things is a very good practice.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The King's Beard part two.

I suppose, if you wanted to know how the story ends you would have to be a publisher and offer to publish it and that would be that!

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The King's Beard

Yet another blast from the past, this one was from a bedtime story that I made up for one of my boys when he was about three, twenty years ago.

The illustrations are watercolour and coloured pencil and a fine brush!

I have put the words on just to see how the text sits with the pictures and also include the little rough book that came first.

I will post the other finished pictures tomorrow.