Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Linen and Leaf Pendant

Unique, hand crafted and designed by Sarah Wimperis
Solid Silver Pendant
Including fresh-water river pearls and silver wire.
Hanging on a silver snake chain.
2.5 cm x 5.5cm.

Pendant combining the textures of linen with a tiny hazel leaf and dew drops of river pearls on spiralled wire.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Pixy Spoons

Unique, Solid Silver Naming Spoon.
Hand-crafted, designed and made by Sarah Wimperis
Tip to toe: 8 cm and side to side 2 cm.

This little spoon is made from a silvered honeysuckle twig and wild blackberry leaf. The leaves and twigs are collected from the Cornish hedgerows where they grow wild. Together they make a Pixy spoon fine enough to give as a naming present to any tiny person who should have been born with a silver spoon, or at least got one very early on in life.

Stretched Leaf Pendant

Unique hand crafted and designed by Sarah Wimperis .
Solid silver pendant.
5 cm x 7.5 cm
With silver wire, copper wire and a fresh- water river pearl.

This pendant includes a silver Heuchera leaf drilled and held in place by fine waves of silver wire between two blocks of solid silver. The blocks have one torn edge and are embellished with small random markings. Spirals abound, representing the constant spiral of life.

Wild Oats Pendant

Unique, hand crafted and designed by Sarah Wimperis.
Solid silver pendant.

3 cm x 8cm

with black jet shards and silver wire hung on a silver snake chain.
Embossed with wild oats and a just visible words "only you"

Hello, Bonjour and Welcome.

New Blog. Fed up with confusion caused by my flitting from diary blog to painting blog and back to sketchbooks and then to everything else that I do, I have decided to make things clearer... by having yet another blog!!
This is now the home for everything that I make that isn't painting or drawing.
Here you will find felt things, silver jewellery, the occasional sculpture and the odd quilt, maybe some clothes and a toy or two.
In other words everything that I have made and make.
Which is why it is called Hand and I, because it is me, myself, I and my hands and I used to work under that name and I still like it as a business name.
I will be opening an ETSY shop as soon as I have got my hallmark.