Monday, June 22, 2009

Pixy Spoons

Unique, Solid Silver Naming Spoon.
Hand-crafted, designed and made by Sarah Wimperis
Tip to toe: 8 cm and side to side 2 cm.

This little spoon is made from a silvered honeysuckle twig and wild blackberry leaf. The leaves and twigs are collected from the Cornish hedgerows where they grow wild. Together they make a Pixy spoon fine enough to give as a naming present to any tiny person who should have been born with a silver spoon, or at least got one very early on in life.


natural attrill said...

That's very pretty!
Did you make it with PMC ?

natural attrill said...

Ooh, i like this alot. I've made some spoons recently too. =D


Sarah Wimperis said...

Yes it is PMC and I am off to see your spoons now Toby.