Monday, June 22, 2009

Stretched Leaf Pendant

Unique hand crafted and designed by Sarah Wimperis .
Solid silver pendant.
5 cm x 7.5 cm
With silver wire, copper wire and a fresh- water river pearl.

This pendant includes a silver Heuchera leaf drilled and held in place by fine waves of silver wire between two blocks of solid silver. The blocks have one torn edge and are embellished with small random markings. Spirals abound, representing the constant spiral of life.


Krimo said...

Great New Blog, Sarah.
Lovely jewellery.

natural attrill said...

I have just book marked this new blog and will show Toby when he gets home. I wondered why i couldnt get on your other blog for a while, I did try!
Jewellery looking fab, I love the textures, good luck with it.
Did you get to visit the gallery in Marazion where nat At jewellery is - might be a place to show yours too?