Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Right Then

Right then, she is all ready for her varnishing layers.
The Wolf Rock light house is emblazoned on her bottom with wavy tail

A compass rose on the other side and the coordinates for the middle of St Mary's is branded in her ear.

She will be varnished with a UV protective varnish, 2 coats then a matting agent will be included for the final coat, so that she looks very sleek and sophisticated, as far as a Scilly Cow can look like that!

I love her, I hope her sponsors love her. She should be going into her summertime home on Thursday, in Truro, above the Cheese Shop, I will post about that when it happens. I hope she generates a lot of bids when she is auctioned off in September. Well actually I don't hope that because I want to keep her in my garden...forever!

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natural attrill said...

Really fabulous work Sarah! I'll have to tell my friends in Cornwall to look out for her.