Saturday, August 29, 2009


Water Quilt, made for my cousins wedding
Pink Quilt, made for fun

Moon, Elements and Seasons Quilt made for me n him

Colourful Crazy Quilt made for my sister-in-law's 40'th.
I have others but I cant find any pictures of them, I made one for my daughter's 21st, reds and creams with bits of song lyrics on. One for my father-in-law with pictures of all his family on. One for my fairy goddaughter with rainbows and moons but I cant find any pictures at all. Anyway, I feel a quilt coning on, autumn is coming and I want to make some wall hangings to make the old homestead feel warmer. I shall get out my fabric stash and get designing.


Gretel said...

Oh you are clever! I love the blue log cabin have inspired me to mend my old quilt now.

Jessie said...

Hi Sarah, These quilts are stunning and I want one!! Except I couldn't possible afford it, oh well! Could I ask how long you take to make one and do you sew it by hand?x

Sarah Wimperis said...

Thanks! Not by hand, all on the macheine and they take quite a long time, a good few weeks!

TaraLarsenChang said...

There is apparently nothing you cannot do nor make.

Love these - especially the funky off-kilter squares in the bottom quilt.