Friday, November 20, 2009

Bishop and Wolf and Big Ted

Bishop and Wolf is a pub on the Isles of Scilly.  This is a painting/illustration done for an exhibition of "pub signs" quite some time ago at a gallery called The Portal Gallery where, once upon a time, I used to exhibit.
The other painting is "Big Ted" which is a wonderful song byThe Incredible String Band, listen to it here.
They were one of my biggest infulences when I was a young artist and this is an illustration for the song.  Illustrators have to learn their trade like anyone else so literally drawing upon your favorite things is a very good practice.


Oona Patterson said...

Thank you for your link and for all your beautiful drawings!x

nadette said...

j'aime tellement ce personnage souriant, avec le cochon à ses pieds comme un gros chat. On a envie de venir prendre une bonne tasse de thé avec lui, sans oublier d'apporter une pomme pour son ami le cochon.

Angelo Cardinal Fratelli said...

These are fantastic!