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Africa Again

I often do illustrations for books that are destined for Africa.  I try really hard to get as many details correct as I can.  These are books that kids are learning to read from and pictures help you understand the words so therefore it must look at least a bit like what you are used to.

So I travel to Africa via books and google images.  If it is a book destined for Botswana or Uganda or wherever that is what I look for because all of these countries are in Africa but they are all very different.  What I would really like is to go there to see for myself, and to take a bunch of books, that would be good!


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Summertime With Monty

Here is a little taste of summer.
Am totally fed up today with a plague of stupid spam/obscene comments on my blogs, it has been going on for a while but has gained momentum.  I dont know why people do it, it seems like such a waste of time.  Anyway here is a happy summer picture of my friend the Rev. Monty Pymme.  He is the one with the sunburn and a red jumper in his bag.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

In The Beginning

Sometimes an illustrator is asked to produce a sample illustration for a project, its all exciting and off you go splashing your colours around, then, after a lot of effort...nothing happens.  This is one such illustration for a well known story, it would have been fun.  The first double page spread was to be a big void, nothing, not even space! But, alas I didnt get to do that, I did spend a long time thinking about what colour nothing should be!


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